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Joint investments

Sparta Investment Ltd’s main activity is based on running investment projects on the real estate market. We realize these investments through Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV), using our own and/or external capital.

In the latter case it is possible for you to invest in cooperation with us. Those who wish to invest with us sign a Frame Cooperation Agreement. Based on this agreement they gain access to information regarding the investments which are at the stage of due diligence and/or the search for capital.

Entering an Investment

If any of our investment projects peek your investor's interest, we present you with a range of detailed information regarding the said investment, its’ plan of realization and the possible legal solutions. Next you join the group of shareholders of the SPV, which is managed by Sparta Invest.

You make the capital available only upon joining the shareholder group.

During the investment

During the investment, you are informed of the main activities through regular reports and as a shareholder, you have access to all account books.

Early withdrawal from the investment is possible only if you find an investor willing to purchase your shares. This may be Sparta Invest, one of the shareholders or a third party.

Wrapping up the investment

After a project has been completed, a report summarizing all the costs of the investment and other important factors is created. The capital and profits are settled with the shareholders and the SPV is dissolved.

Typical projects realized by us based on this model are:
  • Commercial spaces - their value is increased through the finding of a lessee
  • Farm land - large areas of farm land are purchased and then transformed into building plots according to the idea "buy a cheap acre, sell an expensive meter"
  • Wholesale purchase of flats with a large discount - a discount during the purchase, which we transform into profit during the sale

We would like to invite you to join the group of those who cooperate with us.
Let us arrange a meeting, during which we will provide you with further information.