Our Partners

InveStar is a group united by a common passion – investing in real estate. They have been present on the Polish market since 2005. The InveStar team are passionate specialists in the fields of real estate transactions, real estate management, appraisal and law, as well as investment management. InveStar's main activity is a real estate transactions.
Sparta Invest originates from InveStar.
Olgierd Świostek Legal Office provides comprehensive legal aid to companies and individual clients. They specialize in civil law, with special emphasis on real estate law, contracts, compensation, inheritance, as well as family, commercial and economic law, including creating, registering and servicing corporations, the administrative law with regards to development procedures, coop and labor law.
Stella Brzeszczyńska Legal and Tax Advisory Office specializes in tax law connected with real estate law. In addition they also specialize in inheritance and gift tax.
Association of Owners of Real Estates for rent "Mieszkanicznik" aims at 'civilizing' the retail real estate leasing market in Poland and promotes western standards.
Sparta Invest is a supporting member of the "Mieszkanicznik" Association.