Sparta Invest Ltd.’ Policy regarding the processing of personal information

Every user of the Services provided by Sparta Invest Ltd. is bound by the current Privacy Policy, which can be found on the website

Sparta Invest Ltd reserves the right to make changes in the Privacy Policy. Whatever future changes are made in the above mentioned Policy, they do not influence the primary rule: Sparta Invest Ltd. does not sell or make available to third parties personal information and/or addresses of its’ Clients. Clients will be informed of any changes in the Privacy Policy by electronic mail.

If you do not agree to make use of the Services provided on the terms described in the Privacy Policy, please do not make use of these Services.


In this document the terms written starting with a capital letter, should always be understood in the ways defined below:

Personal details

When making use of the Services, you could be asked to provide some personal details through filling in a form or by another method. In most cases, the personal details you will be asked to provide will be your name, surname, e-mail address and telephone number. In the case of order forms, you may be asked for additional information.

We require only those personal details, which are essential to providing the service. Not providing this information will block the action which they pertain to.

Giving us your personal details, you agree to the processing of the said details, by the company Sparta Invest Ltd, based on. 35 Tomcia Palucha str., appt. 3, 02-495 Warsaw, according to article 1 of The Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (unified text: Journal of Laws of 2002 No. 101 item 926 with amendments). You have the right to access your personal details, processed by the Organizer, as well as to change and/or remove them from the Organizer’s database.

Public personal details

Personal details voluntarily provided by the Internaut in the Service while commenting articles, posting forum replies etc. are available for all Internauts. The Organizer does not have the possibility of securing these details against use by a third party. That is why in this case the Privacy Policy does not apply to these personal details.

Subscription to free magazines and newsletters

Subscribing to electronic and free magazines requires providing your name, surname and e-mail address in the appropriate form. These fields are mandatory.

This data is added to the mailing list. The e-mail address is required to send an issue of the magazine to the reader. The name allows us to use it in communications with the reader.

Agreeing with this Privacy Policy, allows us to send you e-mails from the account from which you received the e-mail with the request to confirm your consent.

Unannounced communications

The Organizer reserves the right to send unannounced e-mails to those whose contact details he possesses and who agreed with the terms of the Privacy Policy.

Unannounced communications are understood as information pertaining directly to the Service and/or Services, non-commercial letters (e.g. greetings, personal comments etc) as well as commercial information, which was paid for by the Client.

The Investment Deals Section

In order to gain access to the Investment Deals Section, it is mandatory to fill in a registration form. Upon receiving your details, we will contact you in order to set up a meeting at which you will be presented with the rules of accessing the information about Investment Deals. We then sign a cooperation agreement. This agreement is prerequisite for accessing the Investment Deals Section.

Every entry into the Investment Deals Section by those who cooperate with us, is registered by the Service and this data is then used to define the level of interest in the given investment.

Ordering services and products

Ordering paid Services requires personal details and address in order to fully realize the given order. The payment is to be made via bank transfer or the electronic payment system, which is made available by the order system.

Upon payment, the Clients are given a Vat invoice on their own and clear request, without a signature by the recipient. The law which allows for the issuing of invoices without a signature of the issuer and recipient is § 9 of The Minister of Finance Regulation Dated May 25 2005 (Journal of Laws of 2005 No. 95 item 798). If you deem a signed Vat invoice necessary, please clearly state this when placing the order in the "Comments" field, by e-mail, telephone or personally through contacting an employee of the Organizer. The invoice will be sent by e-mail, post or given by the Organizer on the day of the training.


Some parts of the Service use cookies. Cookies are small text files, which are sent to the Internaut’s computer for the purpose of identification and thanks to this simplify or make possible some operations. The above mentioned parts will not work correctly or at all without cookies.

Cookies are not harmful to computer, it's user or data.

Cookies will only work on the condition that they are accepted by the browser and not removed from the hard drive.

Google Analytics

The Service uses the Google Analytics application – the website viewing analysis service, provided by Google, Inc. The Google Analytics application uses "cookies" in order to allow the Organizer to analyze the number of visits to the Service and the way in which the Internauts make use of it.


Every case is different, that is why the Client or Internaut should always use professional legal advice. The Organizer does not provide legal advice through the Service and the information thus given is only the opinion on the Organizer and should be thus treated.

The opinions expressed by the Internauts on the forum, comments or in any other way, are the opinion of the Internauts and do not have to be in agreement with the opinion of the Organizer.

The Organizer does not take upon himself the responsibility for the advertisements placed in the Service. The Internaut should be careful when answering an advert or sending money. The Organizer takes great care to make sure that the advertisers that publish their advertisements are trustworthy, however he cannot be held accountable for their deeds. The addresses and offer details of every advertiser should only be taken as sure when published.